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Nov. 29th, 2009


who needs japanese yarn? (*^_^*)

Sep. 19th, 2009

no, i'm not dead yet

not that i'm not close to it...

work still takes up loads of my life.
日本語 plus an overly in-depth study into cute japanese boys takes up the rest of it.
(don't ask. really.)

so why is it that my luck has to be that the first time i've come back to knitting in months, i'm trying to figure out how:

cast on XX stitches
K 4 rows
P 1 row

can bring you to

Next row (RS)???!!!

is there a secret to the universe i'm missing here?

May. 19th, 2009

deja vu

this is almost exactly the same post as below, from 3 months back, declaring that i'm exhausted, my mojo is still out there wondering, and the green cotton for the juliet is glaring at me each time i walk into my room because it hasn't been touched since...i can't remember when.

i'm sorry...but with work and japanese studies (jlpt 2 ftw!) and other interests i have no time to fondle you. maybe wwkip day, if i can make it.

i'll definitely try...i miss my knitting buddies! *waves*

Feb. 11th, 2009

i'm still alive!

still alive, but barely. why am i always so tired? (=.=)

no new activities to report, since i've barely been touching my needles. if anyone has seen my wandering mojo, please send it back home.

Dec. 10th, 2008


that's japanese for "long time no see". i've been busy with classes and preparation for the jlpt exam on the 7th. i might not get my aim of 350, but i think i should be able to pass with no problems.

i managed to take a few piccies, so here they are:

my first sleeved FO! from the japanese magazine 手編み大好き!autumn/winter 2006 edition. i even bought the exact yarn called for, james dean olympus. it's extremely warm, so i don't see myself using it for a while. but first, i need to tuck in all the ends...

my latest WIP, courtesy of my mother. she loved the design in the debbie bliss magazine, the same reason why i bought the magazine. so, per her request for it to be in cotton, it's being made out of 8 ply bendigo cotton in green. the green is actually much brighter than in the picture.

this is turning out to be perfect knitting while watching japanese shows on tudou.

next, my most delicious knitting ever, my fish socks. pomatomus, magic loop, both socks knitted at the same time. these socks have caused a sensation wherever they went. i've got to the heels at last.

(i have pictures proving that this is not a single sock, but they refuse to be uploaded. curses to livejournal!)

Oct. 16th, 2008

yarn buying in progress...

mum loves the lace blouson that was my albatross, and that made the close to 2 years of struggle all worthwhile. (it helps that the end product really is very pretty, if i could say so myself. it is after all the first thing i've knitted that's not a shawl or a sock.)

now mum wants something else. this afternoon, i handed her all my IK and other magazines and left her to go through them.

long story short, i'm going to have to buy more yarn from bendigo. anyone else wants some?

(p/s: aussie dollar is about one-for-one right now. great time to buy, no?)

Oct. 10th, 2008

to me: you have a commitment problem

dear me,

before you even start to consider buying the equipment needed for bobbin lace, please remember:

1) you have 1 box plus one shelf full of yarn not yet knitted.
2) you have no more space to put instructional books.
3) you have no spare monies to spend on another expensive hobby.
4) you have no space to lace. period.


(doesn't stop me from wanting to start, though. i mean, have you seen what is possible with that? i droolz.)

Sep. 30th, 2008

repeat to self part 3455634522

no buying of new yarn
no buying of new yarn
no buying of new yarn...

Sep. 10th, 2008

one word - FINALLY!

yes, i have finally uploaded pictures on ravelry!

and to celebrate, i shall repeat the postings here!

first up, to say "hi", here's kiwi. i think my parents (especially my mum) were hilariously amused with it. it may not get a new home after all.

remember this? it looks exactly like the last picture i put up except for one thing. SAME LENGTH! *throws confetti in the air*

this thing was such an albatross around my neck and i am so glad to finish it, you have no idea. i'm freeeeeeeee!
seaming wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. maybe i could start on another piece of clothing soon. maybe.

madli's, the first shawl to make me swoon and frantically look for the pattern. i think it lost some of the magic, but still a lovely piece.

i fulfilled my promise to my sis and made them at last! (i think this was one of her first requests.) funnily, i think i used them more than she did in japan. (my digits get cold really easily.)

fetching, finished in the middle of the trip. ends were...not woven in. and still aren't.

and lastly, a vest. my sis wanted a vest so i modified a cardigan pattern from 手編み大好き!autumn/winter 06/07. her friend thought it was store-bought. happy happy...

Sep. 4th, 2008

i, procrastinator

i need to
- take pictures of my wips and fos
- put up my long overdue trip report of japan
- keep on knitting/crocheting so as to reduce my stash
- still stay far away from ravelry so as not to increase stash.

i really should have no excuse not to be doing all this since i've become "occupationally-challenged", but i've started daily japanese classes in preparation of my proficiency exam in december and have not been doing any of them. besides, the daily rain = bad lighting = not suitable for picture-taking. (hehe, excuses, excuses.)

i'll try again soon.

one of these days, i hope.

hehe (>.<;;)

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